Website Promotion: Top 7 Website Mistakes

by Illa Maden

Making these seven business mistakes can spell doom for your business website. The competition grows daily on the internet. Avoid these mistakes, and you will be better able to compete in an ever growing environment of competition on the internet.

1)Infrequent updating- In order to keep the visitors who come to your business website coming back, you have to provide a flow of additional or updated information that will maintain their interest and give them a reason to return. Aside from that, if you don’t update your website for a period of time, it is likely the search engine robots will lose interest and your positioning could fall.

2) JavaScript pop ups- Javascript popups can be overdone. There is no getting around the fact that they are useful to your business, but if you want to keep visitors you need to use some common sense. Don’t overdo popups, and have them set so they don’t keep popping up and irritating the same visitor over and over. Also, make sure that the visitor can find a way to close it, or they may not return again.

3) Heavy graphics- Keep graphics to a reasonable level. Too many graphics, and large graphics will create slow loading of pages. This is especially annoying for those who are still on dial-up connections. Flash is another thing to be avoided. These sites look great, there’s no getting around that fact. However, we live in a world where people expect everything in a hurry. That extra entry page may look wonderful, but a lot of people will just leave. Most of these pages offer no information and do nothing but tickle the eye of the viewer.

4) Overuse of intense colors- Using color is about balance. Some bright color can liven up a website, but overuse is hard on the eyes. Reading online is more difficult than reading a book in any case, don’t make it more difficult. Keep bright colors in areas that don’t require long term reading. This will brighten the page without creating a strain on visitor’s eyes.

5) Too much clutter- Leave some white space here and there, and don’t jam your pages full to the brim. If you need more space, create another page.

6) Complicated navigation- Keep your navigation simple and easy to use. You want visitors to travel throughout your site. Make it easy for them. This will get more of your pages viewed which is to your benefit. And once they’ve moved on to another page, make it easy for them to return if they choose.

7) Balance content- The idea of a business website is to make money, but provide value and a reasonable amount of content on your pages along with the advertisements. Print magazines are a good example of what not to do. The next time you are reading a print magazine, notice how little content in the form of information they provide in relation to advertising. Keep a balance on your website. Provide something of value to the visitors to your business website. Buzz up!

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