Website Design That Sells – Written by Rhonda Baines, Web Designer in Fairfax, Virginia

A website is a sales tool. In today’s business environment, your website can either make or break a sale. When visiting your website, a user makes up their minds within seconds whether to stay on your website or abandon it.

Understanding the Customer

A website is a very important piece of your marketing strategy.  However, the website supports your brand, it does not build your brand. You need to keep working at it to perfect it.  The first step to an effective web site is developing a thorough understanding of the customer. Once your website is developed and launched, it will not instantly start bringing you customers. You will have to work hard. You will have to ask yourself –  How many customers am I getting? Where are they coming from?  What page are my customers interested in? How can I gain their confidence?

Images play an important role in your website.  A picture says a thousand words.  When choosing images for your website, think about the message you’re trying to convey. Pick images that are meaningful and deliver your message. Don’t put graphics on the website, just because you like them.

Your website content should focus on the customer, not just your business needs. If your site offers products or if you have a contact form do not force your customers to answer endless questions. Filling out forms is necessary but it does not have to be painful.

Make sure the customer can contact you easily. I have visited so many websites where the phone number is hidden on one page. Make it easy for the customer. Splatter your contact phone number everywhere, especially in the header and footer of your website. Personally, I would never buy anything from anyone who does not display a phone number.

Show your customers how they can benefit from buying your products. Let them know why they should choose you and not your competitors. If you have the ability the offer them trial products. For example, email marketing companies like Contact Contact entice clients by offering them 60 day free trial offers.  However, be fair when you offer trial products.  A web company that I know of, offers free web design.  However, after a few weeks, starts charging an exorbitant monthly amount.

High Performing Websites

Make sure your websites loads fast. Many users abandon the website if it does not load fast. Don’t have too many graphics, animation or other programs which slows down the performance.

Website Design that Sells - Fairfax,Virginia

Website Design that Sells