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Website Design That Sells

Website Design that Sells - Fairfax,Virginia

Website Design That Sells – Written by Rhonda Baines, Web Designer in Fairfax, Virginia A website is a sales tool. In today’s business environment, your website can either make or break a sale. When visiting your website, a user makes up their minds within seconds whether to

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On-Page Optimization – The Perfectly Optimized Page

“How do I build the perfectly optimized page?”   Unfortunately, there’s no cut and dried answer, however,  there are sets of best practices  we can use and sharpen to help get close. [pc-pvt-content allow=”33″ warning=”1″ message=”This content is for clients only.”] Best Practices for Optimizing Pages The

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Ulimate Local Optimization

Local Marketing Tips Today, nobody looks at the Yellow Pages – they go straight in the Trash.  People are searching for business over the internet.   As a local business, attracting new customers is a challenging task. There are several ways a local business can optimize.  [pc-pvt-content

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Test Your Internet Knowlege

Are You Internet Savvy? Test out your knowledge!  

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Google Adwords Auction

Google Adwords

What are Google Adwords Here’s a video from Google Learn About Google Adwords Here is a video from Google Adwords. I found this very useful so I thought I would share it with you. This is so easy to follow! If you use Google Adwords, this is

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Design Quotes

We have collected some Design quotes for you from brainy quotes. You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. ~ Walt Disney Design is the method of putting form and content

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Web Design and Internet Promotion: Making A 100% Crawlable Site

Web Design and Internet Promotion: Making A 100% Crawlable Site – Jumping Over the Google Sandbox What is Google Sandbox? Although there is no direct confirmation of the existence of a sandbox, SEO’s have implied that new sites, no matter how well they are optimized do not

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Web Design and Internet Promotion: Linking the Google Way

Linking The Google Way

It is true that the more incoming links a site has, the higher it will rank in terms of its relevant keywords. This is especially true for the Search Engine Giant, Google. Besides inbound links, cross-links and outbound links also help in Search Engine Optimization as these

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Web Design and Internet Promotion:Creating Fresh Content for Search Engines

Web Design and Internet Promotion:Creating Fresh Content for Search Engines Fresh content is very important in terms of search engine optimization. Users surfing the net are always looking for the latest information. Search engines understand this and therefore places a great emphasis on the content freshness. Sites

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Web Design and Internet Promotion: Viral Marketing

Web Design and Internet Promotion: Viral Marketing Ventkata Raghwan, Web Designer in Virginia What Is Viral Marketing Many people may have heard the term “viral” associated with different styles of marketing and wonder what some of them are, but specifically what is viral marketing? Well, the simple

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