Can Google Ban Your Site?

Google brings a lot of traffic to any site and getting blocked by Google is devastating to any business as it is difficult to get back in! One day a site is high ranking and the next day it suddenly disappears! Some reasons why Google can ban a site are:

Duplicate Content – This is when multiple Web pages on your website have the same content.

Machine Generated Web sites – This is a site that generates hundreds of web pages that are basically the same page repeated hundreds or thousands of times, but with a few unique lines of text and unique title.

Cloaking – This is when Web pages are created just for search engines, where it delivers one version of a page to an Internet user and a different version to a search engine.

Hidden text or hidden links – This is text or a link that is invisible to the naked eye on a Web page, but are seen by spiders. For example creating text with the same color as the background so that it is not visible. Some webmasters will do this so that they can add keywords throughout their web page without it interfering with what the visitors actually see. Yet, the search engines can still see hidden text.

Keyword stuffing – Keyword Stuffing is when you load a Web page up with keywords in the Meta tags or on the Web pages content.
Linking to bad websites – Linking to bad websites that have viruses. If google believes you are linked to a site that has facilitated the distribution of malicious software in the past. This could be an advertising network or statistics site that accidentally participated in the distribution of malicious software.

Buying links for Search engine ranking – This where a Web site owner buys links just to increase his or her ranking. This is also used to increase Page Rank.

How to check if you banned from google!

Go to Google and enter your entire URL into Google’s search box. If Google says there is no information available for this URL? This means that the URL is no longer in Google’s database. However, If you enter a brand new website into Google, you’ll always get this message until the website has been indexed.

Another way you can quickly see if your website has been banned is by downloading the Google Toolbar. Once it’s installed, simply visit your website. If the Google toolbar is completely gray and shows no page rank, this means you have been banned by Google.

Report a Site to Google

If you think a website is violating google policy, you can report it to google at this url: