Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

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Why You Need a Mobile Website?

When mobile Internet was first introduced in the late 90s, it was expensive and slow. With launch of iPhone and iPads, mobile internet completely took over. In 2014, there has been a decrease in sales for desktops. There are millions of people worldwide accessing the web on their mobile phones and the numbers grow daily.

You are likely to lose business if your website does not perform well with mobile devices. Customers researching or purchasing products on their mobile phone will abandon a website if they’re not satisfied with their mobile shopping experience. Don’t get left behind – show your customers the value of your brand with a mobile website designed by our Fairfax Web Designers.

Responsive Website – A Smart Solution for Mobile Websites / Desktops

Screen sizes are getting smaller and in some cases larger.  It is not impossible to design a website for so many different screen sizes, not to mention so many different browser types and browser versions. An iPhone has a 320 pixel wide screen, whereas a MAC has a screen width of 1920 pixels!  The perfect solution is a responsive website! A responsive website will resize automatically to fit screen size whether it 320 pixels or 1920 pixels. Responsive web design is made using standards compliant HTML, cascading style sheets and JavaScript to ensure a website responds to the screen size it is being viewed on. Responsive websites give optimal user experience.  With this solution you have one website so you don’t have to worry about having a different website for desktop, iphone, ipad or a different website for each browser.  Responsive websites are the best solution!  Click here to check how your website looks on a mobile device.  The cost of building a responsive website is considerably less since one website does it all – it is desktop website and a mobile website.


Mobile Website

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