What are Google Adwords

Here’s a video from Google

Learn About Google Adwords

Here is a video from Google Adwords. I found this very useful so I thought I would share it with you. This is so easy to follow! If you use Google Adwords, this is a must to see!

Opening a New AdWords Account

Google has simplified the process of creating an Adwords Account

Open your web browser and go to http://adwords.google.com
(Optional) Choose a language other than English (US) from the drop-down list at the top right, and Google will translate the page into that language.
Click the Start Now button at the top right.
Select the e-mail you want to associate with your AdWords account.
Depending on which radio button you select, enter your Google account or create a new one.
The signup form dynamically changes based on your selection
Select your time zone and currency from the drop-down lists and then click the Continue button.
Your AdWords account is created.
If you used an existing Google Account, your account is now active otherwise you get an account verification email.

Once your account is activated you will need to add your billing information.

You will also need to create your first campaign.

Creating Your First Adwords Campaign

Your AdWords account consists of campaigns and ad groups. Campaigns are like containers. You place your ad groups in these containers.  Before you can start advertising you will need to create a campaign and populate it with at least one ad group.

To create a campaign click on Your First Campaign button.  Enter the information.  Name your campaign.  Select your locations and languages. Research your keywords. Select your bidding and budget settings.  Create your first ad.

Where and When the Ads Show

Google allows you geographical precision. You can choose to show your ads to the world-wide or limit their exposure by country, region, state, and even city. You can let them run 24/7 or turn them off nights and weekends.